A League of Your Own: Spokane offers flag football for all ages and skill levels

Football is one of the cornerstones of American sports culture. But sometimes just watching an NFL or college game at home won't suffice, and that is why flag football is here.

Spokane offers a league for those who want to get out of the house and join a high-energy, competitive and spirited group of football fans for three of the four seasons.

In Spokane, the Parks and Recreation Department has been running its adult flag football program for over 30 years and has created a community of over 600 players. This league offers spring, summer and fall seasons. Due to actual football season starting, the fall season is the most popular with 40-50 teams competing during the season with about 18-24 players per team.

From former semi-pro and college players to weekend warriors, the parks department offers leagues of all experience levels. In recent years, they have added a women's league into the mix but they have not had enough people sign up to play, which has prompted them to add in a new five-on-five co-ed league in the fall, says Carissa Ware, who is the athletics/sports recreation supervisor at the parks department.

"We always want it to be a welcoming environment," Ware says. Teams travel from all over the region to play in this program because it is the only adult league in the immediate area.

Registration is $250 per team and all games take place at the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex.

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