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From the Editor: This season is a good time to look inward

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Feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of the holidays, a divisive election that just keeps on giving or work responsibilities that never seem to end? Processing all the emotions surrounding life as 2016 ends and 2017 begins will take some work. Looking outward is important. Make time to volunteer and support causes you believe in, and consider donating to worthwhile charities (p.11).

But this is also a good time to take a look inward. It's important to acknowledge the feelings that bubble up. Since our species began hashing out designs on the walls of caves, we've instinctively reached for the healing power of expression through art. In Linda Hagen Miller's story (p. 33), you'll learn about an innovative program to help doctors-in-training learn skills, through art, that will help them cope with demanding future careers.

Art isn't limited to observing others' creations, though. The very act of creating something — moving paint around on paper, patiently crafting a loaf of artisanal bread (p.38) or gathering all your muscles to perfect a yoga pose (p.46) — is something that can bring its own insights and a sense of calm confidence. And with that insight, you may just feel refreshed and ready for anything 2017 has in store.

To your health!

Wendy Franklund Miller: Persistence @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Tuesdays-Sundays. Continues through Aug. 18
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