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  • Sep 18-24, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 49

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  • Totally Tubular

    I admit I was intrigued. Tubular sandwiches. How do you eat them? How are they filled? What happens to the bread in the middle of the loaf? More questions arose when I heard the name of the place serving these tubular sandwiches -- Stagge
  • Book Review

    After the war in Iraq, as it became clear that the Bush administration had rigged its rationale for war, it was funny to watch TV. "False statements" have been made, was one popular euphemism. Anchors appeared terrified to utter the
  • Recently Reviewed

    Mootsy's North 9 -- The interior of Mootsy's North 9 is clean and offbeat with plenty of space to park it and original paintings and framed rock posters embellishing the richly colored walls. The menu features an interesting and tempting
  • Wrong Direction

    by Robert Herold Setting aside for the moment all the complicated business deliberations that went into the site selection for the convention center expansion, siting the structure to the east of the existing convention center, rather than to the south, f
  • The Real Deal

    What does it mean to live in an urban area surrounded by miles of rural countryside? What is unique about the built environment of such a city? How does the experience of living in this kind of urban island affect the human-influenced la
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff * Anything Else -- This splenetic abomination is a repellent and incoherent life of Jerry, a comedy writer (Jason Biggs), whom we never see being funny. His best friend and mentor is the creepy Dobel (Woody Allen, who directs), a high sc
  • Letters To The Editor

    Mural Message Clear -- After reading the article "Off the Wall" (8/28/03) regarding the mural of people doing drugs on the back of Victory Outreach Ministries, I realize that a Christian church that is willing to "get its hands dirty"
  • Rebels and Virtuosos

    While Fabio Mechetti, music director for the Spokane Symphony, hails from Brazil, this weekend's season-opener will feel like something of a homecoming. Not because Mechetti has chosen Brazilian works - all of them hail squarely from Eur
  • Now Playing

    *** American Splendor -- The real world of ordinary life as seen through the eyes of a cranky Cleveland file clerk who adores jazz and distrusts the modern world. A daring, generous, multi-layered portrait of the comic-book artist Harvey
  • Havre Gun Will Travel

    It has taken Matt Kegel five years to prove he's a winner on the football field at Washington State, but the Cougar quarterback proved long ago that he's a big-time winner off the field. Dating back to his days as the three-sport town h
  • Fighting Boredom

    Opening with a couple of big blasts of gospel music at a raucous church service, complete with great voices and all the right accompanying moves, The Fighting Temptations -- I'm still not exactly sure what the title means -- takes the shape of
  • Ghosts Of The Harvest

    During the day, especially these hazy, early autumn days filled with slanting amber light, the Palouse seems like a benign and generous place. Harvest is more or less over, the fields are shorn like some enormous, golden-furred beast, and t
  • DVD Review

    A few years ago, Robin Williams quietly started a campaign to get people to take him seriously as an actor. He had already won an Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting, but that was more thanks for his years of making Hollywood million
  • Buzz Bin

    Wild Things -- One of our favorite things here in the Bin, dear reader, is telling you what to do. (Sometimes we get downright bossy.) Therefore, if you're not doing anything Friday night, we command you to check out "Extended Awareness"
  • Fighting Fire

    Two teenagers have just been sentenced for setting a pet cat on fire, which caused it to suffer and led to its death. A local veterinarian put Max to sleep to end his suffering. He could not survive his serious injuries. This crimin
  • Dawn Of The New Dead

    The sound of Jerry Garcia's guitar ("Row Jimmy," May 19, 1977) dances lightly around the Grateful Dead's legendary 2,500 square-foot tape vault as archivist David Lemieux gives a final listen to the next release in the lucrative Dick's Pic
  • Whittled Down

    As Tuesday's primary election results unfolded -- with all precincts counted by about 9:30 pm -- it was clear that anyone crazy enough to make a prediction couldn't have predicted this. Just another el
  • CD Review

    Team Boo (Polyvinyl), the Mates of State's third full-length release, is completely delightful. There is really no other word that better describes what the husband and wife team of Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel do with their melodic voice
  • In Brief

    by Cara Gardner and Pia K. Hansen One Committee -- SPOKANE -- One Spokane, which was instigated by Mayor John Powers last year in an effort to address poverty, is moving forward.In June, Ray Lancaster was hired to coordinate the efforts, and now One Spokan
  • Big Bad Wolf

    Whether feared or revered, demonized or deified, everyone seems to have an opinion about wolves. In Western mythology and fairytales, wolves were depicted as unpredictable, cunning beasts. They symbolized the dangers of the wild, convincin
  • Rowr!

    Tillamook medium cheddar is David Bazan's favorite cheese. Or so the Pedro the Lion front man claimed during the last time he was in Spokane. The consummate Northwesterner, Bazan and his current incarnati
  • Instant Bootlegs

    How many times have you left a concert wishing you had a recording of that night's show? While the rest of the music industry struggles to fight against the rise of the bootleg nation, a host of savvy bands and at least one giant corporat
  • For The Uninitiated

    The Dead was born in 1965 in San Francisco with country/bluegrass instrumentalist Jerry Garcia (guitar), Bob Weir (guitar), Phil Lesh (bass), Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (keyboards) and Bill Kreutzmann (drums). The band soon switched from its i

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