Friday, March 19, 2010

MORNING HEADLINES: March Madness, in more ways than one

Posted on Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 8:00 AM

March Madness! The city is abuzz today with the opening round of NCAA action in Spokane. The fun begins at 11:30 am, when Purdue plays Sienna. Immediately following will be Texas A&M vs. Utah State.

This afternoon/evening features Michigan State vs. New Mexico State, then Maryland vs. Houston.

For the complete schedule, visit the Spokane Arena's NCAA page, here. For CBS' complete bracket, go here. For our inside scoop on the tournament, click here.

Zags play at 4:10 pm Gonzaga's men's team plays in first-round action against Florida State in Buffalo this afternoon.

That other March Madness Anybody notice that there are more than 400 volleyball teams playing a tournament in Spokane this weekend? The USA Volleyball Pacific Northwest Qualifier brings some 6,000 people to Spokane and Cheney.

Idahoans to pay their taxes in silver? A bill sponsored by Athol's Rep. Phil Hart would instruct the state treasury to create silver medallions, which it would then be required to accept as tax payments. The bill has passed the state's House. 

Idaho sewage anarchy? Priest Lake Rep. Eric Anderson proposed a bill in the state Legislature that would've done away with all of the Panhandle Health District's sewage and water quality rules. You know, the ones that protect the quality of the aquifer we all drink from? It's currently being scaled back, and Anderson admitted, "[It] “would probably have done more damage than it could’ve done good.”

Idaho just plain crazy? A 62-year-old Sandpoint man who was not wanted for any crime fled from a police officer on Tuesday, jumped into a river, was rescued by a firefighter, punched that firefighter in the face, was arrested and sent to jail, then attacked a corrections officer who came to pick up the man's lunch tray.

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