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Free Kill Rock Stars compilation! Eep!

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For no reason other than they're really nice people, Kill Rock Stars — the longtime Northwest-centric indie label — put a free compilation download up on their site today. It's called the Best Sample Ever, and while that might be a slight exaggeration, there's a little of something for everyone on it.

Click here for the link. Track list below.

1. ELLIOTT SMITH: "Angeles" (from Either/Or)

2. THE THERMALS: "Now We Can See" (from Now We Can See)

3. GOSSIP: "Standing in the Way of Control" (from Standing in the Way of Control)

4. THAO: "When We Swam" (from Know Better Learn Faster)

5. SLEATER-KINNEY: "Oh!" (from One Beat)

6. PANTHER: "Love is Sold" (from Entropy)

7. UNWOUND: "Corpse Pose" (from Repetition)

8. THE PAPER CHASE: "What Should We Do With Your Body? (The Lightning)" (from Someday This Could All Be Yours: Part 1)

9. XIU XIU: "Dear God I Hate Myself" (from Dear God I Hate Myself)

10. DEERHOOF: "Believe ESP" (from Friend Opportunity)

11. QUASI: "Repulsion" (from American Gong)

12. MARNIE STERN: "Transformer" (from This Is It...)

13. STEREO TOTAL: "I Love You, Ono" (from My Melody)

14. LILIPUT: "Ain't You" (from Lilliput)

15. BIKINI KILL: "New Radio" (from New Radio)

16. BRATMOBILE: "Die" (from The Real Janelle)

17. COMET GAIN: "Kids in the Club" (from Realistes)

18. THE SHAKY HANDS: "Allison and the Ancient Eyes" (from Let It Die)

19. THE DECEMBERISTS: "16 Military Wives" (from Picaresque)

20. HORSE FEATHERS: "Curs in the Weeds" (from House With No Home)

21. JEFF HANSON: "Hiding Behind the Moon" (from Son)

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