Monday, April 12, 2010

MORNING HEADLINES: Kill the Post Office!

Posted on Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 8:41 AM

Bet on the House State Senate leaders expect to vote today on the $667.7 million tax package approved by the House Saturday. If passed, along with operating and capital projects budgets, the state will be good to go for the next biennium. Does it have the votes to pass? "The goal is to have enough," said Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown. That's confidence.

Walt Worthy has square feet (not for parking) After hitting a parked car, a tree, a taxi and then a Ford Mustang, Alecia Crawford finally hit the Davenport Hotel, which stopped her runaway car. No, she wasn't driving a Toyota. She had just had one too many.

Through rain, sleet or snow... Psyche! The Government Accountability Office, the Congressional watchdog on government spending, is expected to release a report today stating the U.S. Postal Service is "not viable." The report will recommend firing more full-time postal workers, hiring more part-time workers and outsourcing operations. Also, the GAO report says Saturday delivery should be stopped and some post offices that are deep in the red should be shuttered. 

Gerard and his Steel-y focus United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard was in Coeur d'Alene over the weekend to disparage Republicans, "Tea Baggers" and the "know-nothing hairpins on Fox News." He also took some time to praise Democrats and President Obama for averting a "great depression" and passing health care reform. Gerard was in town for the Art Manley Democracy Dinner, a fundraising event. "I think we should challenge [Republicans] to run on repealing health care," Gerard said, "so we can kick their ass."

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