Monday, April 26, 2010

MORNING HEADLINES: Broken glass and broken roads

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The delays of summer Birds are chirping, flowers are out and the sun is shining.That means massive construction delays are just around the corner. Interstate 90 through Post Falls will be choked up until mid-June thanks to stimulus-funded road construction.

R.I.P. Junior Bloomsday Back when I was a kid, Junior Bloomsday was the happening event, where all the cool kids hung out. Then Junior Bloomsday became the America's Kids Run, and now, due to lack of financial support, it's finished forever.

Like Arizona, like Idaho Arizona's controversial new immigration law, which makes it a state crime for an illegal immigrant to not have an alien registration document, has at least one Idaho state senator wanting to copy it. Mike Jorgenson (R-Hayden Lake), hopes the momentum from Arizona's law will get Idaho to pass some of his immigration legislation.

Donation appropriation The donations in the jar at the South Perry Hico store were meant for Haiti victims, not Spokane lowlifes. But early Monday morning, the glass door at the Hico was smashed in, and somebody made off with the jar.

In deep ship South Korea mourns the 40 sailors that died when their warship sunk last week. Most of South Korea believes North Korea was responsible — but government officials, afraid of sparking a war, are reticent to explicitly say so.

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