Friday, June 25, 2010

MORNING HEADLINES: Futuristic Friday Edition: Spokane androids in court and the moon disappears.

Posted on Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 8:54 AM

Red light androids Local attorney John Clark hates the future. In municipal court yesterday, he challenged the city's recent practice of using cameras at traffic lights to capture and ticket red-light runners. Since the dawn of time, officers have signed infractions, their testament to accuracy. Now, some company in Arizona sends out the tickets. It is efficient: In just over a year, the city raked in more than $400,000. "We are just trying to get the city to do it right instead of just making money," Clark said. (SR)

Gregoire needs 3 billion ideas, stat! Facing a widening $3 billion budget gap, Gov. Chris Gregoire made a call to all state agencies yesterday, asking them to think of better, more efficient and more profitable ways to do business.  Some ideas: Privatize state parks? Name public buildings after super rich donors? Take over Canada? Shut down government and let everyone fend for themselves? Hostages? (Seattle Times)

Moon set to vanish For night owls and space nerds, and clouds willing, there will be a partial lunar eclipse visible this coming darkness. Between 2 am and 6 am tomorrow morning, look to the southwestern sky. (SR)

Old white guys stay up all night And, instead of drinking, listening to music and having a good time, they wrote a really boring financial reform bill. Yawn. (Atlantic Wire)

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