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Sustainable September: The run-down

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Compiling a month-long series of events sponsored by local organizations and presented by Community-Minded Enterprises, organizers of Sustainable September are setting out to promote education about all aspects of the green lifestyle. Each day in September features anywhere from one to eight events at a variety of times and venues, with the exception of Labor Day.

It’s a lot of activity, but for your convenience (since you seem to like that), below are five events to pay special attention to this year.

Sustainable Uprising — Sept. 11

After the Main Street Fair on Sept. 11, young folks are gathering downtown on Main Avenue for a night of live music by four local bands, an all-local fashion show, and interactive art projects — all to celebrate the contributions young people make to the community. Also: a vendor fair, where young local entrepreneurs are pushing their handmade goods. If nothing else grabs you, at least it’s a space free of the old and crotchety.

Green Drinks Spokane Sept. 14

If you enjoy booze, discussing sustainability, and places with no cover charge, then this is the event you should find yourself at. On Sept. 14 at 5:30 pm, the Swamp Tavern invites those of age to engage in the three C’s of Green Drinks: Conservation, Conversation, and Cocktails. Because after enough gin and tonics, people will agree to conserve anything. Except their livers, of course.

Sustainable September Film FestivalWeekly

Every Tuesday at 6:30 pm, the Garland Theater will be showing multiple films on sustainability. And to keep you from feeling overly hopeless after watching some of the more hard-hitting movies, you can find information in the lobby on how to get involved with the issues presented. At $5 for each day, or $12 for the month, you can get smarter while being entertained.

Spokane River Clean UpSept. 25

Each year, local group Friends of the Falls sets out to clean up the majestic Spokane River. After all, someone has to make sure the riverside condos keep their largely view-based market value. Regardless, you have no doubt enjoyed the delight of our lovely river, so on Sept. 25 join in on the action by registering online at

Shift to Green: Spokane's Transition to Clean EnergySept. 30

While location and time are still yet to be announced, this Sierra Club-sponsored wrap-up is worth checking back up on, as there’s local music, food, an awards ceremony for the "Shifting Energy Habits: A Contest of Words to Transport Us" contest and various speakers. The event is free, and would be a good time to boast how very much you’ve learned this month.

To check out the full schedule of events, visit, and keep your eye on on our online listings.

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