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What's one thing that could make the story about the sheriff deputy shooting an elderly pastor sexier? Sex. Turns out that Deputy Hirzel is under investigation for selling sex toys from his home. What does this have to do with the shooting? So far, absolutely nothing. But, boy, is it salacious. (KXLY)

Dino heading for extinction? Despite the national punditocracy bemoaning the Democrats chances in the upcoming midterm elections, so far Patty Murray is leading by as much as 5 percentage points, according to a recent poll. Perhaps it's just that anti-anti-incumbent fever everyone's talking about. (SR)

No street is safe from the jackhammer's wrath! Division, it seemed, was the one place free of the construction chaos tearing apart our city transportation system. No longer. Starting today, Wellesley is under construction at Division. Expect your commute to be a lot more... meditative... for the next three weeks. (KREM)

Isn't it time you bought a car you can count on? The Mitsubishi Eclipse. Sleek. Fast. Able to avoid spike strips with elegant ease. Able to safely reach 100 miles an hour on city streets. A sound system that makes it easy to drown out the police sirens with your favorite Classic Rock hits. If you must lead police on one careening chase through the city of Coeur D'Alene, do it with the Mitsubishi Eclipse. (CDP)

Trail mix-up If you're hiking, I suggest you try Bowl and Pitcher or possibly Indian-Painted Rocks. I do not recommend the Iraqi-Iran border, where three Americans were arrested by Iran in June 2009. One of the hikers has finally been released, more than a year later. (NYT)

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