Monday, September 27, 2010

CITY HALL EYEBALL: The Valley gets scammed!

Posted on Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 3:17 PM

Welcome to another round-up of what's hot — and what's not — in local governing.

Police Jumpsuits? $81,000. One medium-voltage motor control center for Well Electric Pump No. 1? $50,125. Contract with Mountain States Electrical Contractors, Inc. to install generators and whatnot? $206,530. Attending the Spokane City Council meeting tonight to see if they approve the above spending? No value whatsoever.

Seriously, though, not much happening at City Hall tonight, unless you're really into knowing how the city invests our money. Wait a minute… they better be investing in Apple, because I hear its products are the cat's pajamas.

Much more exciting is the Board of County Commissioners of Spokane County, Washington, regardless of the name. First, the commissioners will vote again on giving more money to the beleaguered raceway. How much this time, commissioners? Oh, OK, here's another $1.8 million. Don't blow it all in one spot!

The board will also consider changing the zoning for the proposed new awesome jail in Medical Lake. The site is currently zoned as Rural Traditional (meaning cows, farmhouses and boring wheat fields) to Light Industrial (meaning convicts, pavement and a rad shooting range). Vote yes for law and order, no for cow dung. Easy vote, that one.

Finally, in Spokane Valley, the city council tonight will approve $776,000 in what's considered "routine" spending items. I'll be the judge of that.

First, it looks like someone rented a car from Dollar Rent-A-Car that cost the city $1,300. On top of that, the city had some publishing done at Free Press Publishing, Inc. that cost the city $350. By my math, commerce at those two businesses should have cost exactly a dollar. (A dollar plus free equals a dollar.) Sounds to me like false advertising from both those swindler companies. I recommend not paying.

And I noticed the city gave the Spokesman-Review almost $400 for advertising! Really, the Valley, that's how you roll? Where's our slice of the pie? It's cool. I forgive you.

Happy Guvment-ing!

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