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Cop shoots suspect Another officer-involved shooting had everyone gathered around their televisions and computers on Friday. A man was firing a shotgun into the air near the Shari's restaurant at Monroe and Indiana. He was suspected of a shooting at a nearby home. He fired five or six shots at police officers and then was shot himself. They later found a small marijuana crop at his house (SR)

Citizen shoots suspect  This shooting, apparently, was in self-defense. The shooter was attacked in the dark with a club of some sort, ran into his house, and then fired a single shot at the suspect. Only then did he find out it was his brother. (KREM)

Your best guard There's a lot inmates miss about the outside world while in prison. Their family. Their freedom. In Chelan, however, one thing they didn't miss was drugs. Those were allowed by a generous prison guard. The same guard even allowed inmates to use cell phones and allowed them to have sex with their girlfriends — for a price. One inmate supposedly even ran a quite efficient methamphetamine operation from behind prison walls. (KXLY)

Starring: A tree as himself The giant Christmas tree in Lake Couer D'Alene will be the subject of a feature on the television network TLC. We're not yet sure when the Christmas tree will appear, but you may have to TiVo Glee and watch the giant tree live. (CdA Press)

Rangel's angles Poor Representative Charlie Rangel, Democrat from New York. First he's charged with 13 counts of unethical behavior. Then he says he can't afford a lawyer. So he walks out of the committee hearings, only to have his own words — from news clips and C-SPAN speeches — used against him. (NYT)

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