Monday, November 22, 2010

CITY HALL EYEBALL: Firefighters, fighting homelessness

Posted on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 3:58 PM

Things are heating up in Spokane's City Hall, Eyeballers.

The city's firefighters have tentatively struck a deal with the mayor by forgoing a cost-of-living wage increase. In return, no firefighter will lose his (or her) job. Nice work, men in red.

Regardless, the City Council will continue to discuss the budget — and hear public testimony — every Monday evening through November. So you missed the first three meetings. Who cares? There are still two more to attend.

Speak up! Do you like libraries? What about police services? Snow plows? Guys that fill in potholes? Clean parks?

Go tell the council. You have three minutes. (And don't go over, otherwise Council President Joe "The Firebreather" Shogan might eat your face.)  

On other items, the council will confirm the freshman class of the Spokane Regional Homeless Governance Council, a newly formed body that is intended to unite our community's many homeless advocates. Just in time. It's horrible out there.

Elsewhere, nothing's going on. Why? Because Spokane County commissioners are taking the week off, and the fair people of the Valley love giving thanks so much, they're taking the rest of the month off. (At least when it comes to having government meetings.) Have fun!

And Happy Guvment-ing, to each and everyone. 

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