Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Unified: not closed, just next-door

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Hold your horses, boys and girls. Unified Groove Merchants is absolutely not closed or closing — despite rumors flying around that they are. Tony Brown, the store's owner, laughed on the phone a few minutes ago: "We're still here — we're just next-door." 

The longtime shop has gone through a bunch of transformations over the years — the most drastic being the huge shift from vinyl to modern furniture last year. Brown's store annexed the former photo shop space just north of Unified in the last year — and when he recently scaled back on the furniture and upped his record inventory again, Brown completely moved Unified into that old photo shop space. You follow? Unified is out of the longtime spot it was in for years, and not at all in the old space. 

Brown says he thinks people might be a bit confused by the move — especially now that an antique store, Tossed & Found, has moved into the old Unified space. There's no sign on the new Unified (except for a sidewalk sign), which could be part of the confusion.

Because space in the store is tight, Brown is currently slashing prices on a ton of records — 6 or 7,000, he says, are 50 percent off. That will help him make room for some more vintage clothes and a few furniture pieces.

So wipe your eyes, Unified fans. The store will keep marching on. Head to the new space — at 2611 N. Monroe — for your holiday shopping this season.  

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