Monday, December 13, 2010

Accordions For Christmas!

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What's more annoying than Christmas music? Everyone sounding so happy, so full of hope... Now take that music and orchestrate it for a few accordions. You'll get quite possibly the most obnoxious-sounding happy holiday music ever recorded or performed live.

Or will you? 

The Spokane Accordion Ensemble begs to differ...

According (get it?) to them, not only will their show be absolutely spectacular, but it gives all of us music patrons a chance to hear our favorite holiday sounds to the beat of a different Grille (accordion lingo insert).

If you happen to be one of those lucky souls who has yet to be bombarded with the sounds of happy holiday music and at this point still happen to love the sounds of joy and peace on Earth than believe me this show is for you.

These accordion-loving folks practice every week and they know how to polkatize the sounds of Christmas.

They'll be performing tonight at the Bing at 7 pm. Cost: $10.

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