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Homeless technophiles, and other campus news stories

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Will Work for Wi-Fi

At Gonzaga, the Foley Library has long been a place for members of the public to grab a chair, take advantage of the Wi-Fi, and write Inlander stories without the interruption of his roommates' dance parties.

But now, the study lounge is open 24 hours a day (yay!) and members of the general public have been banned from using it (boo!).

According to the Bulletin:

Over the last few months there has been an increase in non-Gonzaga users present in the study lounge.

"Most likely these people are homeless or they are living at the Union Gospel Mission, House of Charity or other places close by," Security Director John Van Sant said. "It's a convenient, warm and comfortable place for them to bring their laptops and access the WiFi."

That, of course, calls to mind the traditional winter image of poverty, of four homeless men, in disheveled clothes and fingerless gloves, attempting to keep warm from the heat of a Hp Compaq Presario 2100.

Back to the 20th Century

Back in the day, Whitworth’s “Core 350” class was the perfect place to get work done -- for other classes. But this year, instructors for “Core 150” and “Core 350,” two of Whitworth’s biggest classes, have banned laptops in the classroom, cutting dramatically into the young scholars’ Bejeweled time.

While some worried it was depriving students of the most vital tool of the modern world might make students slower with note-taking, instructors hoped it would make for more personalized interaction for the 100 students in the classroom. And hey, this way, instructors don’t have to deal with every Wikipedia-savvy student knowing the answer to every single question.

We’re number 98!

Every year, Kiplinger ranks 500 public colleges for the best “value” – essentially, which colleges give the most bang for your tuition buck. Washington State University was ranked 98th. Okay, so, not great, but at least they’re better than their archrival th--

Wait. University of Washington was ranked 10th? Never mind then. Western Washington was 56th, Evergreen was 53rd, and Eastern Washington did not make the top list.

On Kiplinger’s Best Values for a Private University list, Whitworth University ranked 54th and Gonzaga University ranked 78th.

Campus security jurisdiction: The known universe

Never underestimate the long arm of college law. Previously, Eastern Washington University police officers could only punish you if you committed the offense at, well, Eastern Washington University. But now, this little item has been added to the student conduct code:

"The university may also exercise jurisdiction over student conduct which occurs at off campus locations if the behavior adversely affects the university and/or the pursuit of its objectives and the university determines that a significant university interest is affected."

In other words, Eastern students: You do something that embarrasses the Eagle name, and you can hide, but you can’t run.

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