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THIS JUST OUT ... yesterday

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Let Me In

The generally well-regarded American remake of the universally beloved Swedish child vampire film Let the Right One In features Chloe Moretz (the kid assassin from Kick Ass) and Kodi Smit-McPhee, who played probably the last little boy on earth in The Road. Rated R


You gotta admire your sister's pluck when she takes the time to go to medical school in an attempt to exonerate you, but book lernin' takes years. Convict brother (Sam Rockwell) has to be all, like, "C'mon sis, can't you do summer school or something? I'm in prison over here." Rated R

Never Let Me Go 

A dystopian future dressed to look like the British near-past, this film follows a coterie of school kids who are cloned and raised as living organ donors. Complications arise when they start falling in love. Based on the Kazuo Ishiguru novel. Rated R

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

It's finally here, guys. Rated G


Kind of a slow week for the VGs, kids, unless you're stoked for more country music in Rock Band 2. Also, PSP owners who just love monster-hunting: There's a middling JRPG called Lord of Arcana that may or may not scratch that very specific itch.

George Michael
| Faith Special Edition

My mom almost let me get this album when I was a kid. Then she saw that one of the track names was "I Want Your Sex," and that was pretty much the end of that. Well guess what, mom? I'm going to buy this, work my way into some supertight acid-washed jeans, pierce a single ear and dangle a cross-shaped earring from it, then. And shake my ass ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

The Go! Team | Rolling Black Outs
Indie rock group generally described in terms like "ecstatic" and "breathless" releases a new album. If you're feeling a little depressed, this could function like Cymbalta. It'll either cure your blues or make you homicidal, suicidal, gassy, bloated, irritable ...

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