Thursday, March 10, 2011

HEADLINES: Bomb suspect arrested, Idaho levies pass

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Bomb suspect arrested — Kevin William Harpham was arrested yesterday in Stevens County for planting the bomb found along the MLK Day parade in Spokane. Harpham has ties to white supremacist organizations, although the members of the KKK in Hayden, Idaho say they have never heard of him and he most likely acted alone. (KHQ)

Wisconsin anti-union bill passes senate — After the national drama around Wisconsin legislators fleeing the state and mass protests, it turns out that Wisconsin Senate Republicans didn't need the Democrats for the vote anyway. They passed Gov. Scott Walker's bill, stripping public workers of almost all collective bargaining rights. One Republican did vote against the measure. (NPR)

Idaho levies pass — Local taxpayers in Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls approved supplemental levies needed to fill budget gaps in school districts. (KTVB)

Guns on Idaho college campuses — A bill to allow guns on college campus will now go to the Idaho House for a full vote. The committee vote was 11-8 in favor. (SR)

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