Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MORNING BRIEFING: The Making of a President (Hint: It takes win poise and drug money)

Posted on Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 9:04 AM

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Cops! — The Spokane City Council voted unanimously last night in favor of a series of reforms to the beleaguered police department. The reforms include strong investigatory power for the police ombudsman, less sway for the police Guild and body cameras for officers. The Guild responded with a resounding, "Meh." (SR) 

Stay in the car! — After getting her car stuck in the snow, an Idaho woman took off on foot. A day later, authorities located her about 12 miles from the car. She was alive, "in good health but cold." (KREM)

Industry clusters! — That's an inspiring phrase from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee. He was in Spokane yesterday talking all lofty, pushing his jobs program. Can you name the six job clusters Inslee was talking about? Answer at the bottom of this blog!

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Sanotorum's win poise — Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri all might hand Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum a "big" win today. Of course, considering the size and influence of these states, big is in the eye of the beholder. But nice work, Dick, I mean Rick! (USA Today) 

No give backs — Theoretical question: If you're the president and a major drug dealer gives you $200,000, do you give it back? (NYT) 

What the Dickens? — He's 200 years old! And he wants more soup! (Telegraph)

Awesome photographs — NPR did a piece on some photos by Washington's own Asahel Curtis. Do yourself a favor and follow the link and watch the slideshow in fullscreen. Just do it! (NPR) 

(Inslee's job clusters: Aerospace, life sciences, military, agriculture, information technology and clean-energy technology. So cool!)

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