Monday, March 12, 2012

City Hall Eyeball: City Council to amend U.S. Constitution. There, we said it.

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The Spokane City Council's gonna amend the U.S. Constitution. 

Well, it's gonna try. 

The council tonight will debate a resolution declaring that wads of money isn't free speech, despite what the U.S. Supreme Court said in its Citizen United decision.

Councilwoman Amber Waldref, who drafted the resolution, says it likely won't pass. But she wanted the issue to be discussed anyway.

"To me it seems like they have more speech than the individual American person," Waldref says, referring to special interests. 

The Citizens United decision allows corporations, unions and any other special interest groups to spend whatever they want to help elect or defeat political candidates. The Citizens United decision is also one of two rulings responsible for the rise of Super-PACs. That means it's also responsible for the handful of rich guys who've kept the presidential campaigns of Rick Santourm and Newt Gingrich running

Though to be perfectly honest, if Gingrich could build the moon colony with Super-PAC money, that would be pretty sweet.

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