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MORNING BRIEFING: Snake Bites, French Cohabitation, and the Constitutionality of the Filibuster

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Strange powdery substance in federal building. Firefighter "'entry team' is examining the substance (KHQ). We're guessing with, like, magnifying glasses or maybe their nostrils ... 

New noise ordinance passes 6-1 (Snyder alone in objecting). Proponents call it kinder, gentler," one opponent calls it "a joke." (S-R). 

Gas spikes in the NW due to refinery drama (KREM).

Because there weren't already enough reasons to avoid Walmart, snakes are now biting people inside them (KXLY)


New drug in testing might be able to prevent Alzheimers before it starts (NYT). We had a joke, but forgot it. 

Constitution scholar/Lawyer says filibuster is unconstitutional, and is suing to have the Supreme Court abolish it (WaPost). Filibuster advocates pledge to talk and talk and talk and talk until the justices move on to a different topic.

Murdoch's former top executive charged in phone-tapping scandal. They're accused of destroying 7 boxes of potential evidence from the News International HQ. She wines about it not being fair. Crown just shrugs. (Guardian)

New ruling makes it easier for college professors to supply sections of text to students, rather than requiring them to buy entire texts for short selections of reading. (AJC)

International media in a lather over new French President Francois Hollande's marital status. He and his lady aren't married, but cohabitate (HuffPo, Al Jazeera). Because, with the Eurozone crisis, wedlock is what's really important here. 

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