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Behind the Scenes of This Week's Cover Story

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When I started reporting this week's cover story, "American Beauty," I thought I'd be writing about beauty queens. Maybe there'd be an awesome hair-pulling catfight, or a bunch of name-calling. But there was nothing like that — in fact, I found there was so much more behind those big toothy smiles and sparkly gowns.

At it's core, it's a story about the Mrs. Washington America pageant — essentially, Miss America but for married women. Of the several candidates competing locally, I wrote about three: a 39-year-old elementary school teacher, a 47-year-old ex-body builder and a 28-year-old who escaped a violent marriage.

As I started gathering my notes together, I realized that every one of the women competing had said something similar: that despite their achievements, and despite their strength, a crown and a sash would make people pay attention to them.

It was a chilling revelation to me: that successful, strong, educated women would still seek the glory of an antiquated American tradition — the beauty pageant — to find value. As I unpacked that issue further, it revealed a lot of chilling truths. Pageantry might be empowering for some, but experts worry that it's simply playing into American's emphasis on the way women only look externally.

This became a story about mothers and female career people, and an examination of whether women can truly have the family, the job, the education and the husband. And even if they do — like the women that I profiled in the story — they might still seek the validation of a panel of judges to tell them that, despite everything else, they're beautiful.

Is that all that really matters?

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