Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MORNING BRIEFING: Fat, Drunk and Stupid

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Around Here

Washington's obesity rate just keeps getting larger. If all 200 pound men just lost 10 pounds, however, it would be a big help. (SR)

The Farragut Shooting Range should be able to reopen, argues Idaho Fish and Game before the Idaho Supreme court. The range was shut down in February 2007 when some residents worried stray bullets would hit their homes. (CDA Press)

It may not be unusual for an ex-wife to make accusations about her ex-husband -- even accusations about drug abuse or medical fraud. It is unusual for state health officials to make those accusations public, however. Now, thanks to two separate lawsuits, one Spokane doctor's won $600,000 from the state, and $100,000 from his ex-wife. (KREM)

KXLY talks to a homeless man, calling himself "Captain Morgan", who claims to have stolen over 1,200 of booze from Safeway. (KXLY)

Out There

Just when Mitt Romney was recovering from his last gaffe, a recording from a fundraiser has appeared, showing him complaining that 47 percent of Americans don't pay income taxes, are dependent on the government, and won't vote for him. Well, maybe they won't vote for him now. (NYT)

Those guys who made the really awful (in both content and production value) anti-Mohammed YouTube video? Egypt has put a warrant out for their arrest. (The Atlantic Wire)

The Jerusalem Post claims that the Cairo embassy knew about the possibility of violence ahead of time. (JR)

Paul Ryan may not be as svelte as he claims he is. (Slate)

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