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Announcing Inlander Short-Fiction Contest 2012

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So: you're at your desk, pipe smoldering, quill in hand, working long into the night on the fourth draft of a piece of Moby-Dick-meets-Hunger Games-fan-fiction you hope will be your big break.

Your mind wanders from a scene of Peeta stuffing a loaf of bread into the white whale's blowhole, then snags on a stray thought.

Your eyes rise from the page and narrow to a squint. The pipe droops as your mouth falls slightly open.

"Hey," you say, "It's October. Shouldn't it be close to time for THE INLANDER SHORT FICTION CONTEST?"

Why yes, intrepid penner of fictions, it IS close to time. This here blog is the official announcement.  

As you can see from the gorgeous advertisement to our right, the theme this year is "The End."

You can be as literal or oblique as you want with that.

Multiple stories are ok too, just make sure that each story is 2,000 words or less.

The deadline is Nov. 22. All stories have to be in to me, Luke Baumgarten, by 11:59 pm that evening. 

Hit me at luke@inlander. com.

Feel free to ask questions at that address as well, or, you know, if you just feel like talking.

Good luck! And deity-of-your-choice-speed! 

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