Thursday, October 25, 2012

What the hell happened to discussing climate change?

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What the hell happened to climate change? Nothing. It's still here. Smothering us like a wool blanket with ill intentions.

You wouldn't know that, of course, by tuning into election season. There, the candidates talk as if we can have bigger militaries and lower taxes and create elevendy-million jobs just by forking over our votes. Forty acres and a mule! A chicken in every pot!

But what we don't hear about is what either party will do about climate change. [If you want to know what global warming is projected to do to the Inland Northwest, see our story 'Scorched Earth.'] Probably because the most of GOP stopped believing in global warming — although former Gov. Mitt Romney kind of believes in it, depending on what election he's in — and Democrats, after losing on a plan early in President Barack Obama's term — are too scared to look like wimpy, out-of-touch treehuggers. Oh, let's throw media in there too, since none of the moderators of the three presidential debates even bothered to ask about climate change. 

Here's a good take on the absence of global warming on the campaign trail. And if you think global warming is a made-up plot by socialists trying to engineer a United Nations takeover of the Bible, relax. You probably won't have to hear about it again from politicians or the media for the rest of the year. 

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