Friday, November 9, 2012

MORNING BRIEF: snoooow, rich city workers, charter school in Spokane

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Around These 'ere Parts

In case you haven't looked outside today, it snowed, and snow tires are going fast. (KXLY)

A recent investigation into city workers found that a bunch of them are killin' it with da monays. (KREM)

Spokane Public Schools officials say that though votes are still being tallied for the referendum on charter schools, they're preparing to apply. (SR)

Not From These 'ere Parts

If you've listened to anybody tangentially related to politics, economics or armchair quarterbacking, you'll know that "The Fiscal Cliff" is America's next problem. Thank god someone's here to explain. (Atlantic)

We all knew that the iPhone wouldn't rule the world forever. Introducing the new world's top selling phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. (CNN)

Waffle House has always been sketchy, so accusations of sexual misconduct by the CEO, really unsurprising. (Huff Po)


If you want to know if your favorite tv shows are here to stay, check the recently released ratings and extension updates here. (CNN)

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