Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CITY HALL EYEBALL: If you start your car, it might get stolen

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Baby, it's cold outside. But what does is mean to be cold in Spokane? From a Spokane Police Department email: 

We’ve seen an increase in vehicle theft this month, presumably because of the extreme cold temperatures. Patrol officers have taken quite a few stolen vehicle reports where the owner has left the engine running, unattended, and the car has been stolen.Anything you can do to remind citizens NOT to leave their engines running, unattended, would be GREAT!Officers took a stolen report this morning – a gal warming up her car in her driveway at 8800 N. Colton. Within an hour, SPD officers located the car pulling into a parking lot near Nevada and Wellesley. Officers arrested Robert Basford (12/21/70). (press release coming)……

Maybe there's a jobs fix here. We can pay people to sit in our cars as they warm up. Sort of like how there's a culture of doormen in New York City. We could have Anti-Thief Car Warmers.Think about it, Mayor Condon. Spokane needs jobs. And its cars.

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