Monday, September 16, 2013

Two reasons it's worth looking at this BuzzFeed list that calls Spokane a mispronounced city

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Without the Gonzaga basketball season in full swing, we don’t get as many chances to complain about people in the nation mispronouncing Spokane. Here to satisfy the need for collective cultural identity is BuzzFeed, with a list of “21 Cities You’re Pronouncing Wrong.”

Sure, you might say, what isn’t on a BuzzFeed list? And the list itself is very similar to previous lists of “most mispronounced cities,” though Buzzfeed skirts deftly around the dubious rankings issue by just listing a bunch in no particular order.

This one’s worth looking at mostly because the simple illustrations by BuzzFeed’s Chris Ritter are a nice touch. They should sell those as posters. And Washington gets the most mentions of any state, for Spokane, Sequim and Puyallup. 

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