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The most popular and puzzling Inlander searches of 2013

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’Tis the season for thoughtfully reflecting on the year gone by and then commemorating it in countless end-of-the-year lists. We’ll reveal the top Inlander stories and posts of 2013 next week — in the meantime, while we’re sifting around in the analytics, here is a list of the search terms that brought people to during 2013.

First, the most popular searches that aren’t just a variation of inlander:

1. how to pronounce macklemore
2. how do you pronounce macklemore
3. macklemore pronunciation
4. cami bradley
5. xxx

Some of the weirder searches that still brought people to a number of times:

1. shows with good character development
2. fake parking ticket
3. heavily tattooed women
4. how much do you get for selling plasma
5. how to write a zombie apocalypse novel
6. sodium chlorite drops
7. are all inlander mcgregor related
8. juggalos
9. longest shakespeare monologue
10. sell blood plasma for money

And, out of thousands, a small sampling of the more inquisitive searches that brought people to All of these are genuine keywords copied from our analytics. We have no idea if you found what you were looking for, but we wish you the best:

are fruit loops processed on machines that have peanuts?
are border patrol realy a police officer
are cats taking over the internet?
are coeur dalene lakes too cold to swim in in june
are farts universally funny
are there a lot of cowboys in post falls idaho
are we going bsck to records and cassette music

can i have a spa when on heroin
did the band rare earth use to be earth wind and fire?
do brownies remind you of childhood?
do girls like fireball whiskey

how much do you get for donating plasma in spokane
how to identify cassiopeia in the night sky
how to write a zombie apocalypse novel
how do you say gluten free in french
how to propose at a hockey game
how to trim a chinstrap beard
how you know ur a ski bum
how long does a macklemore concert last
how to be serious and funny at the same time
how to clean meth residue
how to get over fear of bears

is boise better than spokane
is dexter season 6 good
is there a difference between yellow and green zucchini
is there any way to smoke meth without getting residue anywhere or contaminating

what kind of cat is colonel meow
what nordic women do to unmarried men with cinnamon
what are the strengths and weaknesses of anarchy
what can you add to the word nailed to make another word
what do kids call mixed drinks
what do u call it when u mix up all the soda fountain drinks
what happened on the 4th day of the battle of gettysburg
what room did the ghost stay in at the davenport hotel spokane?
what to do if your 15 yr old is skipping, failing high school and doing drugs in spokane
what would be good to drink with biscuits and gravy?

who sings the global credit union song?
who sings i was raised on weed and whiskey
who is that frowning cat

why are we fascinated with circuses
why do people say nickelback ruined music
why spokane hates creed
why is whole wheat bread more expensive than white
why is art expensive

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