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CAT FRIDAY: Monday edition update on the Internet Cat Video Film Fest

Regretfully, but by no fault of hers, Lil BUB won't be visiting the Lilac City next month.

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It really was too good to be true, but we can't fault BUB for it. The tiny cat from Bloomington, Indiana won't be making an appearance in Spokane, nor Boise or Seattle, when the Internet Cat Video Film Festival comes to town, on Jan. 16. 

The news came this past Saturday, when BUB answered a fan's question on her blog about a special appearance she was said to be making in Spokane as part of the event, held at the Knitting Factory concert venue. 

Her response (right) explains exactly what happened better than I could. While cat lovers and fans of BUB should be glad to know this turn of events comes by no fault of hers, we're still understandably disappointed. Some planning to attend the Spokane event have even commented on the Knitting Factory's Facebook event page that they'd like a refund for their tickets, saying the only reason they were willing to shell out $20 was for the chance to see BUB in person. 

But the main question that remains unanswered: why was a BUB appearance promoted so heavily by the venue (and thus by me in an excitement-gushing Cat Friday post following the announcement) if BUB and her dude, owner Mike Bridavsky, hadn't even been informed, let alone asked to come?

I exchanged emails earlier today with Bridavsky to confirm that the pair indeed wouldn't be attending the festival screening. I also reached out to the Knitting Factory's Boise-based marketing director, Jeni Williams, who hasn't yet returned my call inquiring about the miscommunication.

In an email to me this afternoon, Bridavsky writes: 
"I too am really disappointed about how this all turned out, and most of all upset that so many BUB fans are upset about it. Honestly, it kind of sucks. And I'm hoping maybe this piece could explain to people why and how this happened, and that it was totally out of my hands (and BUB's paws) — BUB was being advertised and promoted as a guest before I even had responded to the request to be a part of the event."

Bridavsky also told me that the Internet Cat Video Film Festival's creator, Scott Stulen, with the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, wasn't involved in the announcement made that BUB was coming to the screening here. I've also reached out directly to Stulen.

As we learn more from the event's promotors and organizers, I'll keep everyone updated.

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