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Friends and the changing seasons

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Over the last couple of months, I have run into many of my winter friends. Since these are folks who I typically don’t share summer activities with, our only connection is winter. As a result, the first question out of their mouths is something to do with, “Are you getting excited for ski season?” Mind you, I am always excited to ski, but the reality that we live in an area where summer is off the charts and because we only get two real months of summer weather, I typically like to enjoy and live in that moment for as long as summer will allow me.

Come fall, I am ready to shift gears and start the ski season prep; shopping for gear, loading up on ski movies, reading about winter adventures and starting the last minute work-out routine in hopes of having my legs strong enough to handle more than three runs on opening day. This fall has been the exception for the simple fact that we are getting some of the time back that we lost this summer when we were greeted with rain, cold and windy storms throughout August.

As the lingering summer weather exists, I am running into my sailing friends, and they are saying the same things my winter friends say to me after ski season, “I just don’t know what to do now that my sailboat is out of the water.” Luckily for those of us who embrace each season to its fullest, the change of season allows us to get excited for upcoming adventures with friends. In the end, knowing that ski season is 40 days away makes the dark, cold and rainy fall days feel a little better.   

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