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Oprah, Katy Perry and Glenn Beck walk into a weed shop...

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The Marijuana Policy Project put together a list of what it's calling the Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Consumers, inspired by Out magazine's Power 50 list of LGBT Americans, and intended to showcase individuals who have talked openly about having used marijuana at some point in their lives, or had their use confirmed by some "legitimate source," and yet still went on to do great things professionally and personally.  

For the most part, the list consists of politicians running for office who have had to announce, as Jeb Bush did in the recent GOP debate, that they've used the demon weed at some point in their lives, lest some old stoner friend come out of the woodwork and surprise them with a well-timed press conference. Given marijuana's acceptance, at least medically, across many states in 2015, it's not nearly as hot a "gotcha" issue as just 10 or 20 years ago. 

That's why I was more interested in some of the non-politicians on the list, such as: 

OPRAH WINFREY. She said it was back in 1982 the last time she did it. 

KATY PERRY. She did a song with Snoop Dogg, so, uh, it kind of goes without saying. 

LEBRON JAMES. The King can basically do whatever he wants in Cleveland, and his puffing apparently happened as a high schooler in an Akron hotel room. 

RUSH LIMBAUGH. He claims he only inhaled twice, and didn't like it. We believe him, since pills seem more his thing

MORGAN FREEMAN. Can you imagine That Voice turning into a high-pitched giggle? That's something I'd like to hear. 

MARTHA STEWART. I'd imagine her crafting skill makes her the go-to when her smoking friends need to MacGyver a pipe out of a corn cob. 

GLENN BECK. America's moral scold says he quit when he joined AA in 1994. I kind of wish he would start again. 

Check out the whole list here

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