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Washingtonians search for these Halloween costumes more than other states

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In general, Halloween costumes are fun. They can be a reflection of the individual or of recent topics of discussion. Or in the case of one Inlander writer, literally a topic of discussion:
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Daniel Walters Photo
Inlander staff writer Daniel Walters as a fake Salon thinkpiece titled "Smashing the 'Slutty Pumpkin': Why the Sexy Halloween Costume Trend is #Problematic"

But they can also be racist, sexist, racist and sexistunnecessarily sexy (there's a lot of these), buffoonish, stereotypical, demeaning and just freakin' wrong

In Washington state, apparently Halloween costumes are a little food-ish, slightly bumbling and quite frankly, really nerdy, according to 11 years worth of Google trends data.

Real estate site Estately compiled the data and listed all the costumes searched by each of the 50 states more than any other states.

Washington's top Halloween costume searches are bumblebee, ewok, robot (tied with Colorado), Star Trek, sushi, wench, Where the Wild Things Are and My Little Pony.

Idaho, Oregon and Montana didn't come in first for any costume searches, but California's searches include Abraham Lincoln, Addams Family, Adolf Hitler, Black Spiderman, cholo, hipster, illegal alien, Mexican, pregnant nun, racist, Rugrats, vagina and Wayne's World.

Now, we love Google search data as much as the next person. And we love maps, like this one that Estately produced to accompany its "data analysis:" 

But, we should also mention that there are some flaws with Estately's methods, which amounts to a "throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and hope something sticks" way of doing things, according to this explainer.

Basically, Estately enters hundreds of search terms into Google Trends, which then tells users which states have Googled that term the most.

In other words, just because Washington state Googled "My Little Pony" more than any other state does not mean we Googled "My Little Pony" more than any other costumes.

Make sense? 

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