Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fast Food Patrons

Posted on Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 6:39 AM

To customers who complain before thinking - here we go! Please don't complain about 'cross contamination' over something so stupid as an apron on an employee while they are outside smoking. What about her shirt? Is she allowed to wear that outside & come back to work? Lets take a look at you. According to the health department we scored extremely high & are very clean workers. You on the other hand probably didn't wash your hands all day, then you pay with money which is the dirtiest thing in the world & then I know you didn't wash your hands after you touched your dollar because I see you eat in front of me. When's the last time you disinfected your steering wheel or door handle by the way? Did you make sure to sanitize your hands after parking? I wash my hands more times a day then you do in a week so stop getting all worked up, especially over a salt packet that hit the floor in its wrapper. Also, I am polite & sweet to you every time you come in. What gives you the right to be rude to me just because you had a bad day? Because you are too chicken to snap back at whoever is ticking you off you attack a complete stranger who spends 8 hours a day catering to you? Really big of you. Also, in hard economic times, giving money to local business helps the community. Stop writing bad checks because you feel like we owe you free food. We all suffer when the economy is bad, grow up and put money in your account before writing a check. THANKS!


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