Saturday, July 23, 2011

Idiot Drivers

Posted on Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 8:23 AM

To all the drivers in this town who 'think' they are going out of their way
to be kind and oh so polite. Knock it off!! I'm talking about the drivers
whom, when driving on an arterial or major roadway, will see a cyclist
stopped on a side street waiting to cross said arterial. These bicyclists
always have a stop sign, they are legally required to stop for, and as a
designated "vehicle" under Washington State traffic code(s), they are
required to stop, wait for traffic to clear, and only when it is safe to do
so, cross the street. You ignorant goody two shoes will come along, and
being short on working brain cells, see a bike rider and decide to stop to
let them cross. You will come to a complete stop, backing up traffic in
both directions while you feel good about yourself. Meanwhile, all these
cars are getting pissed off, and not at you for your public display of
stupidity, but at the cyclists, all because you don't know basic traffic
laws. Ask yourself this simple question...if that bike rider were a car or
truck, would you stop for them to let them cross? A law abiding and
knowledgeable bike rider wants nothing more and expects nothing less, than
to be treated like every other vehicle on the road. So pull your head out
of your ass and drive like you know what you're doing.


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