Saturday, August 6, 2011

Re: Yankee Bashers

Posted on Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 8:34 AM

A big fat pile of Mariner moose dung to the diabolical dimwit who had the
audacity to insinuate that Mariner fans are jealous. Allow me to be
succinct! You are outside your damn mind! Jealous of what? The checkbook
chumps. That is still the poorest excuse I've heard. Every year you
steal-err-buy the best available players with your yes money. You guys buy
your way to the top, no self respecting Mariner fan is jealous of that.
Baseball economics are such a lopsided mess, and the Bronx bummers are at
the epicenter. You can keep your ageing talent lack of pitching, and barren
farm. Any one who has been a Mariner fan for more than two weeks knows the
future is very bright for this team. Our farm system is stocked, we have
some of the best pitching in the American league, and a core group of young
players who if all goes according to plan will be the face of this
franchise for years to come. So get over your self, try to increase your
baseball I.Q to past that of a wannabe front running fan, and um yeah, try
and clean that diabolical stank off your shoes


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