Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scamming Brandon

Posted on Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 8:23 AM

Alert! Brandon is scamming again! Everyone remember that scammer named
Brandon with the fake sob story of needing to get to his
brother/girlfriend/etc who works at some med facility who promises to
return in a few hours to repay who is a scrawny white male, about 5'8",
with wiry dark hair in his early twenties who looks like Jay Baruchel
from 'the Sorcerors Apprentice'. He is busy all over Spokane right now.
Last night, on Dec 21st, this con artist POS took advantage of my mother's
good graces to weasel her last $20. He took advantage of a 70 year old
woman on a limited Social Security income to score dope or whatever he
does. This was in Browne's Addition. He said his name was Chris and he had
to get to his girlfriend, in Suncrest. Please let him know that a police
report was filed and there are at least 50 people who can't wait for him to
come knock on their doors. Ask yourself, Brandon, what should happen to
people who scam 70 year olds of their last $20 before Christmas? You are
the lowest of scum and karma will catch up to you. Its not a matter of
if...its a matter of when. Too many people have seen your face. Anyone who
has been duped by Brandon should file a police report. It is humiliating to
admit being duped, but this parasite needs to be stopped before his karma
catches up to him. Thank You.


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