Saturday, June 16, 2012


Posted on Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Why won't big business let me recycle? Anyone else have frustrations over
this? You live in an apt complex and there is no means for you to recycle?
Well my troubles with this started years ago and I decided to do something
about it. I called my local WM and asked them to please leave me a blue
recycling bin on my front porch that I would pay out of my pocket for them
to pick up. They cannot do that. Bins by the dumpsters? This needs to be
requested by apt managers as there is an additional cost for this. My next
call was to my apt managers who told me that it would not be approved by
the owners. Really? This complex housed about 100-125 apts. Why are so many
people being denied the right to recycle? I decided to go ahead and collect
my recyclables in little white trash bags and take them in myself. One
problem remained, I had no outside storage area so I had to stack 5-6 bags
neatly on my back porch before putting them in my sedan and driving them to
WM. Within two weeks I had a note on my door to not put trash bags on my
back porch or leave. I no longer had any options that I knew of to
recycle. I have since moved to a much nicer, newer apt complex but have
experienced the same problem with recycling. I do now have a storage area
to put my recycling in and take to WM myself. However, this is a much, much
larger complex with hundreds of units all with people whom unlike me I
would bet are not collecting recyclables in their storage area to take to
WM. Does anyone else find this disturbing? Shouldn't people who have
garbage services worked out for them be able to recycle? Surely these huge
conglomerate management companies can afford for us to recycle! But can we
all afford for all the hundreds of people in each apt complex to not


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