Saturday, September 1, 2012

Customer Service

Posted on Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Whatever happened to "service" & the customer is most often right? Uuhh .
heelllooo, customer/patron/person, me/us, who spends money in a 'local'
establishment. A few weeks ago, my brother and I (60+ adults) decided we'd
like to have supper out, and chose a place we'd been in several times, and
in the past, 'always' pleased with the food and the service. We've been
told, this is one of the oldest wattering holes in the area. We arrived
around 4:30p.m. They were not rushed, but, there were a few people, with
drinks, visiting, reading, or watching sports on the TVs. This time our
experience was memorable, but hardly enjoyable! We ordered the special of
the day. 1st of all, the meal came waay before I was even half finished
with the salad I ordered, which was extra. A food order shouldn't be turned
in to the cook, until the waitperson observes the people in their station
are about half finished with their salad, if they've ordered one. If not,
then o.k. When our orders arrived, our steaks were cooked as ordered, but,
I discovered to my great disapointment, my steak was soo tough, I could
barely cut it with a steak knife, let alone get a fork into the meat, so I
could try to chew it. After 2 bites, I simply gave up and pushed the plate
to the side. When the waitress 'finally' came and asked if we were
finished, I told her my steak wasn't edible for me. She neither
apologized for the steak, asked if I would like another one, or something
else in place of the steak, she just snatched up the plates and walked
off. Now I don't know where this person was trained or if she was trained,
but I have worked many a wattering holes/upper end places, and if I ever
treated any customer as we were treated, I would be looking for a job as I
write this. It would have been a good business call to offer another
replacement steak or something else to the customer at the business'
expense. Better yet, a discount coupon for a meal, salad, coffee, burger,
whatever, they don't offer dessert of any type. Needless to say, we will
not be going back for a meal or liquid libation. In fact, we will tell all
who will listen this is not a place you should leave your money. One would
think in these economic times, and with all the myriads of places in this
area one can eat, this place would be a bit more accommodating, and want to
keep customers instead of running them off?


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