Saturday, September 15, 2012

Horrible Boss

Posted on Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 8:23 AM

You are the most horrible boss I have ever known. You talk about private
employee business with other employees. You stalk your employees on social
media sites. If an employee challenges you, you destroy them. You terrorize
them with rude, but private comments so no other employees witness it.
Other times you smother other employees with kindness and purposely ignore
your target in front of others to make them feel isolated and alone. You
are evil. The only people you don't talk negatively about are your own
kids. Everyone else is a loser. Everyone hates your fake stories about how
perfect your kids are. We all hate your kids and are sick of hearing about
them. Meanwhile if other people bring up their kids you find a way to make
fun of those kids or talk negatively about their kids. You have no life.
You have no friends. Your employees are not your friends and are your
slaves. They only pretend to be your friends for their own survival. You
are alone. No one respects you. The only reason you continue to work there
even though its a crap job is because you will never find power anywhere
else like you have here. You are a coward and people quit because of you.
We have lost too many good employees due to your harrassment. It's a shame
that we have no human resource department to turn to. Until then, know that
you are hated above anyone. One day the big boss who is rarely there, will
stop looking the other way.


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