Saturday, September 15, 2012

Horrible Sign

Posted on Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 8:23 AM

On 9-04 I saw you on Ruby and Indiana. You were alone holding a sign
roughly six feet high with an absolutely shocking picture on it, That
simply said abortion. I get what you were trying to do. I understand you
have the right to picket. I understand you have a right to your opinions.
But what I do not think you have to right to do is visually rape passers
by. I feel that I am a tough girl, have seem some messed up stuff and have
a tough stomach but that picture went to far. Children saw that. I screamed
at my friend to stop the car so I could jump out and punch you in the head
and ask you what on earth you were thinking!? I was so angry and disgusted
I cried. Lucky for both of us she didn't stop or let me out. I cannot
understand what would posses you to stand there and show your face next to
that image. I'd like to say as well that until you walk a mile in a woman's
body you have absolutely no right to criticize what she may do with it.
Maybe instead of wasting your time standing there spewing hate and gruesome
imagery. You could spend that time adopting, caring for a foster child
who's mother chose not to abort it!! Do something useful with your life!
So jeers to you and your horrible sign mister!


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