Saturday, October 13, 2012

Customer Service

Posted on Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 8:23 AM

I took two of my friends to a local restaurant because of the good service
and food in the past. We are three women in our sixties. We were set up and
served appropriately at first, and then left with no follow up. We had to
get the waiters attention to even get our checks. We watched as they took
the other patrons their checks, along with the little whipcream and
strawberry treat. When our checks were finally brought, there was no
dessert and the bills were dumped in the middle of the table for us to sort
out. We also watched as the waiters picked up the bills and cards from the
other tables and returned the reciepts to the other patrons. We had to take
ours up to the front to pay. I finally told my friends to take back their
tips, and we went up to pay. As we paid I told the male cashier that we
were not leaving tips due to the very rude and discriminatory treatment we
had recieved. His response was a terse, "OK", as if to say, "Good to see
you get your ass out of here, you just take up space anyway!". No apology,
just more rudeness. We know that a lot of senior women don't leave tips,
but there are a lot of us that do. My friends and I leave a minimum of 20%
on up to 50%. However, wheather a patron leaves a tip or not they are
supporting your business and should never be treated like pond scum! We are
hardly stupid or blind; we are retired military, law enforcement, and
recreation therapist. Is this how these, or any wait staff, want to see
their grandmothers treated? This restaurant just showed how it
dicriminates against senior women and screams, "We are misogynistic, so
women don't bother us!" I'm thinking of staging a sit in of enough senior
women to fill that restaurant at peak lunch and dinner times, sit for an
hour, only order ice tea, leave no tips, and go. They deserve the same
miserable treatment they mete out!


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