Saturday, November 24, 2012

Brazen Thief

Posted on Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 8:23 AM

This is to the piece of crap that likes to rob grandmothers! I sat in my
car at my daughters school. I saw your crappy little red van coming down
the street. I couldn't figure out what you and your female driver were
doing there. You looked out of place and nervous. You parked on the side of
the street and I didn't really think twice. Then I saw you coming down the
street smoking your cigarette like you belonged in my neighborhood. I
noticed your black gloves, what caught my eye was you didn't show up on a
motorcycle so why the gloves? I knew something was wrong. You walked up to
that nice womans car with her windows down while she waited to pick up her
grandkids and stole her purse out of her car! How brazen and bold. I
couldn't stand it. I took chase after you and even though you got away in
your crappy van with a woman driving I still got your description and
everything for police! Ha ha, the lady only had $3 in her purse and
cancelled her cards. What kills me is that you are too lazy to go and find
a job so you are probably too lazy to go to another neighborhood to do your
stealing! I know what you and the stupid woman driving look like and if I
see you, we are going to be boxing! She was someones grandmother and
mother. And did you know after she got her cards cancelled she had a heart
attack? You're a big man aren't you? Wait till I see you!


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