Saturday, July 6, 2013

STA Passengers

Posted on Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 8:24 AM

who won't leave the windows closed. If it is hot outside and the driver has
the air conditioning on for a change, please leave the windows alone. You
don't deserve to make the rest of us suffer because you supposedly feel car
sick, or the bus "smells weird", or you're from Hillyard and you hate air
conditioning for some reason. Sure, if you open a bunch of windows it feels
nice sometimes when the bus is moving. But then it gets hotter inside the
bus every time it slows down or stops and how does that help anybody? There
are lots of things people can try first before sabotaging the bus's climate
control, such as taking off a layer or not sitting in the last row of seats
right in front of the engine (the rest of us shouldn't be punished because
your butt got warm). But nobody ever does that stuff. Instead, they open
every window they can get at and make it like a hot yoga class inside the
bus. Next time, how about at least waiting a few minutes for your bodies to
adjust instead of going straight for the windows? Especially if you're only
going for a short ride. You can tough it out and deal with whatever your
issue is for ten or fifteen minutes.


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