Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rude Drive Thru Customers

Posted on Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 8:24 AM

First off, working at a fast food restaurant does not make me any less of a
human being than you. You do not need to yell at me when I say that I can't
hear you. Try turning off your engine. If I make a mistake on your order,
there is no reason to scream and yell at me, just tell me that I made a
mistake. If I don't answer your question about prices right away, just give
me a second. I do not have the entire menu memorized. Just because there is
no one behind you in line is no reason to take your sweet time. I am still
timed on how long it takes to from the time you pull to the speaker box to
the time you pull away from the window. As distorted as I sound to you over
the speaker box, you are 10 times more distorted on top of all the noise
going on inside. Please let the driver order. The further away from the
speaker you are the harder it is to hear you. Remember that I am only one
person taking your order, cashing out the order ahead of you and making and
bagging your order. If you happen to be at an establishment that has a menu
board before the order box, stop there and figure out what you want. Also
use that time to make any phone calls that need to be made. Remember, I can
hear your conversation about what and who you did last night. Please, just
treat me with the common respect that you would want to be treated with if
you were in my position.


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