Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blaring Music

Posted on Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 8:24 AM

I was enjoying a lovely and quiet day at Black Rock Marina - commented on
how quiet and serene it was to my wife as a matter of fact, a few bald
eagles, loons, blue heron filling the sky. After walking the dogs and
returning to the boat, I pass a handful of young men, half dozen or so, all
preening and posturing at the gas dock. I get back to our boat and my wife
just in time to see them leave in their bad-ass custom ski boat with the
big rack and the bazillion watt sound system sliding out of Rockford Bay
blaring a lovely hip-hop tune with lyrics that were nothing but"..all I do
is f#$k and party" over and over and over. Now I have to ask, what if one
of these charming fools dated anyone reading this missive's daughter... or
what if they were your son. Wouldn't you be ever so proud? What mama on
earth would not bitch slap the heck out of any son who would do such a
pathetically ignorant and low class thing? Oh, wait a minute, I forgot that
America has bread the likes of Honey BooBoo and these are just the kind of
losers that likely record said shows. I also have to ask, just what kind of
lovely young women are somehow attracted to cretins of such class and high
standards? Now don't go thinkin' I don't get f%*$ing and partying - I've
done my share - but to blast it at high decibels in such a serene
environment is just so not right. If phasers on stun were available I would
have put an end to it. It is such a sad statement as to the social ills of
this country, that a gaggle of handsome and privileged young men (those
boats aren't cheap) would encroach on the rest of the world with their
pathetically shallow IQ's and hormones.


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