Saturday, August 31, 2013


Posted on Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 8:24 AM

To those who do not tend their kids; I came back from Hawaii and I read the
two Jeers on parenting. One was a mother of a "Special Needs" child. First
of all, I am a "Special Needs" child and there is nothing wrong with
saying "Special Needs". I've grown up now and I understand that if your
child meets medical standards they tend to call them "Normal." The person
in this article about parents not tending to thier kids was not complaining
about the kids crying. I believe that they were complaining about Mr and
Mrs. "Don't give a damn" who are too busy with their phones or shoving food
in their faces or playing games, that they do not tend to the child.
As "Decent Human Beings" shouldn't we worry about the child? I know kids of
all kinds can run the emotional gammit in minutes, that's not the issue,
the issue is inattentive parents. As to the lady at Winco, yes we shouldn't
rush to judgement, but there is a huge difference between telling a
child "Please be quiet", and "Don't use yourr immagination or I'll take
your toy." A child's immagination is like an arm or a leg. The child must
use the immagination until they acquire experiences all by themselves. Like
Stewie from "Family Guy" thinking that the park was dangerous at night
because a lion and robot fight each other. He won't know why people say
that until he gets his own experience. Let's be a great community and
attend to the kids.


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