Saturday, September 21, 2013


Posted on Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 8:24 AM

I understand bitterness and pain and hurt, most of us who have ever loved
understand. But where all respect or admiration that was once thought of
you, is now a path we all walk on! You have belittled, taken advantage of,
and selfishly disrespected single mothers everywhere. Not only did your
ex-husband (and myself as well) pay full child support (enough to pay all
the bills including the house mortgage so the kids could grow up in the
house they've always known!) to you, you instead put all the money away
including your own income and with our hard earned money you took
extravagant trips and vacations (only one with the kids btw) and otherwise
used the money meant for the children for your own selfish needs and
feelings. What you spent on medical for them you only did out of pure
vindictiveness in hopes of trying to financially f#@k us again! Do you
realize that all the single mothers out there who would be ecstatic to have
an ex that paid even a quarter of what we did! And how cooperative we
were?! To think that I defended you and your actions not only to your ex
but to your kids as well when they were upset at you?! I truly feel like an
absolute dumba$$ for doing it now and any respect I had (and I had a lot
for you!) is now gone like a puff of smoke! You're the one that has to live
with yourself and fortunately we don't so the favor is on our side, but I
deeply apologize to all the single moms out there struggling with dead beat
dads and exes because women like the one I am writing too has made it now
harder for you and also for the amazing dads out there who take care of
their kids financially and lawfully as well as with their hearts! You
cannot hurt us anymore and now all we feel for you is sad pity that you
refuse to move on and let bitterness go, for that I am truly sorry.


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