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Voters' Best Reasons to Visit... Hillyard

Voters' Best Reasons to Visit... HILLYARD
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Hillyard... the home of antique shopping.

Haters might hate (seriously, though, we got plenty of less-than-creative suggestions from would-be jokesters) by pushing dated, inaccurate and negative stereotypes of this working-class part of northeast Spokane, yet Hillyard packs a ton of history and character into a fairly small package.

Take voters' No. 1 reason to head up Market Street: antique shopping. Long before thrifting and buying vintage was considered hip, Hillyard was a destination for all sorts of funky finds, from vintage furniture to authentic antique relics of Spokane's past. These things and more can be found, for example, at the United Hillyard Antique Mall, a longtime business offering two stories packed with more than a dozen vendors. Nearby, Market Street Antiques is also two stories and filled with vendors specializing in all manner of eras and goods. (See if you can find one of several resident store cats while you're there!) While you're in the neighborhood, pop into Vintage Mercantile & Auction, B&B Junk Co., Hillyard Variety/Spokantiques and Dr. D's Treasures. You never know what you'll find.

After several hours of shopping, you'll probably be hungry, so why not grab a bite at readers' second go-to spot in Hillyard, Red Dragon Chinese? Newly opened as of this year, another already popular spot for a bite is the family-friendly Barnwood Social Kitchen & Tavern.

For those who prefer to head outdoors instead of in, the Esmeralda Golf Course, Beacon Hill and Hillyard skatepark all were shared as favorite reasons to head to Hillyard.

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