Dab My What Where?

There are more ways than ever to get high; here’s help making sense of the lingo


The traditional standby only requires rolling papers and some weed. Add some tobacco and you've got a spliff. Crumble wax — soft but solid cannabis oil — into your joint and you won't leave the couch.

Knife hits

Knife hits, hot knifes, spots — whatever you call them — are simple. Cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle and throw away the cap. Heat a butter knife or glass knives on the stove top, press a small amount of weed between the knives, and inhale the vapors through your bottle. It's easier with two people.

Bong with ice catch

You don't have to hack up a lung every time you pull a rip. Ice bongs, or bongs with ice catches, help cool the smoke, making it less harsh on your throat. Some bongs have ice catches so the cubes don't fall into the main chamber. Or you can always add ice to your bong water.

Hash pipe

What Weezer smoked.

Glass bubbler

Basically a normal pipe, but under the bowl is a chamber you fill with water. When you pull, it bubbles like a bong.

Volcano vaporizer

The Volcano is an institution among vaporizers. The tabletop piece atomizes marijuana and then fills a bag with vapor — kind of like a slowly erupting volcano — you then inhale through a mouthpiece.

Tabletop vaporizer

Anything you have to plug into a power outlet.

Portable vaporizers

Before the days of vape-pen technology, people discretely smoked from things that looked like walkie-talkies, flasks and inhalers. Portable vaporizers are just that — mobile — and are powered by a lithium ion battery, alkaline batteries, flame lighter or butane.

Sherlock pipe

What Gandalf smoked.


Heat up the "nail," typically a titanium, screw-like piece added to a specialty water pipe called an oil rig. When glowing red from heat, the dab (butane hash oil) is applied to the nail with a metal wand, which produces vapors that are inhaled by the user.

Vape pen

They're everywhere. Many are disposable, some aren't. The long and short of it: an atomizer vaporizes the wax or liquid extract, which is then inhaled. ♦

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